Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #24

This is the final episode of Nobunaga: The Fool, and I still hate Mitsuhide for betraying Nobunaga!

But hey, at least Mitsu finally killed Cesare Borgia. I still hate them both!

Anyways, King Arthur is inches away from getting the Holy Grail and remaking the world as the Savior-King. However, I feel that this old guy needs to be stopped at all cost ’cause remaking the world won’t bring utopia!

C’mon, this guy is a fraud and he’s the one branding Nobunaga as the Destroyer-King, remember? By the way, this is Arthur’s true face.

But first, Nobunaga has to stop Alexander the Great and his mighty Gaia. Hideyoshi and Uesugi tried to stop this juggernaut…

…but nobody succeeded now that Alexander devoured a dragon and become stronger than before. This won’t end well!

Fortunately, Nobunaga and Jeanne gathered all of the Regalia and become a powerful being not only to destroy Alexander, but the world itself.

At the same time, seems that the Holy Grail that King Arthur wanted to achieve was a woman. What the fuck does it have to be a girl? Where’s your plans of remaking the world!?

You know what, this old man needs to die! Fortunately, he did die after being stomped by Alexander’s dragon. Oh yeah, and as for Alexander… I think he lost the battle!

Then again, he’s alive to fight another day or whatever! I wonder if he’ll become the next ruler after King Arthur? It’s up to Shoji Kawamori to decide that!

Oh, and there’s Magellan… although he’s demoted to extra unfortunately, just like Brutus!

But now it’s time for the final battle between Mitsuhide and Nobunaga, as it was destined for because of their past lives.

Although I hate Mitsuhide for antagonizing Nobunaga last week, brainwashed or not, it seems that he kept his word of unifying both heaven and earth as an oath with Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, while Nobunaga betrayed it and decided to destroy it all through chaos. I guess the roles of the Last Supper has been reversed.

Oh, and for some reason… Even though he’s the hero of this story, Nobunaga becomes the evil, rampaging lord of destruction just like every other Nobunaga portrayed in other media. I felt that it’s inevitable.

And so, Nobunaga was killed by Mitsuhide. There’s no trickery nor foul-play involved, it’s just that Mitsu killed Nobunaga because of circumstances such as the Fool of Owari becoming the Destroyer-King and such.

However, it seems that he has no hard feelings on his defeat. In fact, Nobunaga wishes that he’ll be together with Jeanne in another world as lovers, although I’m thinking that they’ll reincarnate in the Aquarion Series. Oh, and as for everyone who were devoured by his dragon? They survived, fortunately enough!

But that’s the end of Nobunaga: The Fool. Even though it has some flaws, I guess Shoji Kawamori made it enjoyable, especially when it comes to the cast of characters present on this anime series.

Oh yes, and what about Leonardo da Vinci? Well, he did finish his masterpiece, but unfortunately he died after finding his mistakes regarding both Nobunaga and Mitsuhide’s respective roles in the Last Supper.

Sorry Hiiraga, but Da Vinci accepted his death in order to find the truth!

And there goes his painting as it was exhibited in a museum somewhere in Japan.

And finally, it’s a surprising sight that Jeanne and Nobunaga reincarnated as high school students! Way to go Shoji Kawamori, way to go!

Anyways, that’s it for Nobunaga: The Fool! And if you’re itching for more mecha anime from Satelight, look for M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane. However, I would rather wait for either a new Macross series, 3rd Season of Symphogear, or the second season of Log Horizon than watching M3.

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