Black Bullet Episode #12

Oh look, it’s the Pleiades Gastrea… and it’s a sitting duck!

You know what to do, Rentaro! Go and kill it! By the way, the Hiruko pair are just tagging along and not trolling him for this episode.

Also, Kagetane helped Rentaro on killing Pleiades surprisingly enough! Still, he wants Rentaro to join to the dark side and kill every human bastard on this planet!

But the important thing is that Pleiades Gastrea is destroyed so there’s nothing to worry about being killed by the spears of light.

However, the Aldebaran threat is still at large and half of the army are slaughtered. This Gastrea can’t be killed easily with conventional and Varanium-based weaponry.

For the casualties, this includes the commander of the civil officers army…

…as well as Midori, unfortunately. Why do you have to die with a smile on your face, Midori?

At this point, the army has no commander while Shouma lost his partner!

And so, Rentaro becomes the commander-in-chief of the army and he’s going to gamble everything at destroying Aldebaran. For the army, it’s going to be one hell of a battle next week.

Luckily, Miori Shiba made a unique Ekpyrotic bomb that can destroy Aldebaran if you plant it inside that is, Shouma has found a Initiator as a temporary partner (He still wants Midori…), while the Hiruko pair joined Rentaro’s cause.

At this point, it’s all good from there!

However, it seems that a spanner has thrown at Rentaro’s army. And you know what, this former bodyguard needs to be killed. He’s not helping humanity, he’s just boosting his jerkass ego!

Anyways, next week is the final episode… and don’t expect a happy ending.

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