Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #12

Well, it seems that someone wants to spark a war other than Ricardo Garvarni and Grad Lancia. Unfortunately, this commander will be going down like a Titanic!

On the other hand, seems that Gillette-sama is killed… or is it as evidenced with these two Guys behind him.

Speaking of Guys, are they’re going to make an army of Guy clones? Or worse, turning Gillette into a Guy? Oh please, don’t do the latter!

Meanwhile, it’s a surprised that Frederica is alive… but in her smaller form.

And BTW, Frederica’s molting which involves chest-bursting from her original dead body is so wrong! But hey, the good news that she’s alive and she can still transform into a dragoon!

Now back to the main plot as Tohru has finally found Chaika Trabant…

…when she’s about to get filleted by that sick prince named Ricardo Garvarni. Oh, and Layla is waiting for Chaika Trabant to die and take Emperor Gaz’s remains afterwards.

So it’s off to a duel and it seems that Ricardo can put up a fight against a blood-transformed Tohru. Unfortunately, he’s going down with a stab!

Sorry Ricardo Garvarni, you’re creepy as hell and you’ll have to die! Also, you’re not fit on becoming the second Arthur Gaz as he has magic powers while you don’t have one!

Speaking of magic, Grad Lancia is trying to stay Soara afloat after being crashed by the opposing fortress.

Unfortunately, said wizard was smacked in the head by Akari as payback for being controlled in previous episodes.

What can I say, take that you jerkass wizard! I don’t think you’ll live with a smack on your noggin!

Well then, it’s time to take Emperor Gaz’s left leg and get out of the fortress! Soara is sinking in the bottom of the river!

However, seems that Tohru forgot about Layla as she’s the remaining obstacle left.

As for Tohru, he’s going to die as he forgot to put up his Blood Transformation. You know, it would be hilarious if Layla shot Tohru in the knee…

But that’s enough for putting memes on this episode, time for Chaika Trabant to take Layla down. I don’t think you’ll survive that for your information!

So anyways, Chaika Trabant and Tohru lived and escaped the sinking fortress. I hope Akari won’t kill Chaika just because she kissed Tohru. C’mon, she’s doing CPR!

As for Layla and Ricardo Garvarni, they’ll die together ’cause they failed to spark a war and make history.

Of course, their attempt won’t be the last one as it will spark another for the second half! Just wait for it…

Oh, and speaking of the 2nd Half, I’m about to get curious of why Vivi’s real form… is actually a Chaika clone. I’ll be waiting for that along with Guy.

And don’t worry Vivi, Gillette-sama is alive somewhere!

With that said, see you in Fall for the 2nd Half of Chaika. While I’m at it, I have a feeling that I want to watch Scrapped Princess for some reason.

Anyways, see you later Chaika Trabant! I hope you continue to smile forever…

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