Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #12

Aww, aren’t they cute sleeping together like sisters? Then again, Chino-chan still not calling Cocoa-san as “Onee-chan!”

Anyways, it’s the finale of GochiUsa and please enjoy it while it lasts!

Let’s start things off with Megu and Maya interviewing the cast on their reflection regarding the anime series.

Just kidding, they’re just doing school homework regarding careers…

…as well as insights on running a café in the future, right down to the choice of underwear!

You know, instead of wearing frilly dresses and serving either coffee and tea, why not try something different.

How about becoming a florist for a change! Then again, Rize is too embarrassed to become one since she’s a military girl.

Meanwhile, seems that Cocoa got a fever. Not a good idea where snow has filled the town, and most of the stores are closed!

Luckily, Chiya-chan has plenty of medicine for common colds and fever! But wait a second, how come she has many tablets at her disposal? Hmm, must be that Chiya-chan has so many pockets in her sleeve.

Regardless, Chino-chan got some medicine from Chiya-chan and head straight back home.

Oh, and by the way, don’t drink hot wine as a cure if your underaged. Not only that, I think Aoyama-san is seeing the ghost of Chino’s grandfather when she’s super drunk. Can’t do that!

But anyways, Cocoa-san got cured and she’s a-okay to start another day!

Speaking of another day, it seems that there won’t be another as GochiUsa is over. Personally, this show is so cuddly cute and I hope it will get another season along with Kiniro Mosaic, which is not happening this coming Summer!

Oh, and by the way… Chino finally call Cocoa as “Onee-chan!”

Then again, I think Cocoa will forget what she said after bumping her head.

Oh well, farewell Chino, Cocoa, and the rest of the GochiUsa cast!

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