Captain Earth Episode #13

Look what we have here… Seems that Zin’s former boss whose supposed to be dead, is alive and he got immortality.

Wow, things are getting complicated now!

Oh yeah, that begs the question of why Kumiko is having bad dreams because of the Magus incident? I’m speculating that Baku was the one responsible for creating that incident, which possibly makes Kumiko immortal.

By the way, it was revealed that Kumiko’s fiance is actually Zin’s casino boss who supposed to be killed last week. Oh yeah, and his name is Haruhiko.

Unfortunately, said Haruhiko decided to kill Baku but instead shot Kumiko to death. And then it was found out it wasn’t Baku who caused the Magus Incident… it was actually Kumiko who blow up the ship, only for Baku reviving her and the rest of the family using his powers.

Now that the whole charade is revealed, it’s time to put an end of this as all of the survivors of the Magus Incident disappear…

…including Kumiko. Well, it’s sucks for him losing his beloved in such a cruel way!

What does he do next? Join Kill-T Gang, of course!

Now that Baku has finally joined Kill-T Gang, I think Setsuna is the only designer child left.

Oh yes, and as for the fight between Daichi and Baku? I think Daichi won this fight after screwing up last time against Lin. But it took him an effort on defeating Baku since he’s a champion and he can kick some serious ass!

Anyways, looks like the first half is over… Next week, I think it’s going to be a breather episode!

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