Mekaku City Actors Episode #12

You know, this pic reminds me of Justice League… although I don’t watch cartoons because they’re either short or inconsistent with the growing plot.

Anyways, the final episode is here and I bet Jin will end this series right here. Then again, he still wants to churn out light novels as extra material if you get stumped!

Now there, let’s get down to business as Mr. Tateyama, or rather Azami’s former pet snake called “Clearing Eyes” revealed that the world was created by Marry. Wait, that’s weird… Something’s not right here, or I just miss or misinterpret things.

Sure that Azami and her daughter Shion are trapped thanks to Clearing Eyes, which is then followed by Azami spreading her powers to unfortunate people including Marry. But wait, I forgot that Marry is 1/4 Medusa, 3/4 Human. So that means, I feel that she can potentially become Azami’s successor.

In short, I was wrong what I’ve said earlier, as it was revealed that Marry can gather all of the snakes’ powers from her friends, namely the members of the Mekakushi Gang. No wonder the Clearing Eyes wants to gather all of them.

Of course, in order to activate Marry’s gathering of powers, a trigger is needed which involves taking Konoha’s body…

…and killing everyone with Konoha’s immortal body and unparalleled strength. Then again, he can just shoot every member of the gang! That would work in his favor.

And so, thanks to Clearing Eyes’ sadistic murder of Marry’s friends, she gathers all of their powers and do a time reset.

If that happens, expect something from Madoka Magica, especially Homura Akemi’s continuous suffering in every time loop.

But luckily, Marry won’t have to as Shintaro finally rescues Ayano and came to the real world just in time. I love when someone pull a “Big Damn Heroes!” moment!

Oh, and they got Haruka too, which he wants his body and his alternate ego Konoha back. Oh wait, Haruka doesn’t need his body because he’s dead. He just wants Konoha back to him, that’s all!

As for Haruka’s modified body, it disappears along with the Snake of Clearing Eyes. Sorry, but your plan has just been foiled. Then again, maybe Haruka wants his body back after slaying Clearing Eyes!

Oh, and what about Mr. Tateyama?

Well, he doesn’t need to make a wish on bringing his wife back. He already achieve it a long time ago…

So yes, it’s all over for that wretched snake! But for Mr. Tateyama, he’ll just stay with his wife forever and not coming back to the real world.

Then again, I feel that something is missing… Did Hibiya forgot to save Hiyori? Oh wait, I forgot that the dead cannot come back, or is it?

There are some exceptions though like Ayano, although she wasn’t dead to begin with since she was trapped in the netherworld! I guess it’s possible for some characters like Hiyori and Haruka to come back alive into the real world, but it seems that SHAFT and Jin wants to rush the ending where most of the main cast are alive!

And that’s about it for Mekaku City Actors. Sure that SHAFT did a good job on adapting some of Jin’s songs and LN chapters into anime form, right down to the music.

However, I feel that it doesn’t make sense a little bit unless you dig deeper into the story by reading the novels. Also, the fate of some characters are left ambiguous after the end, so an extra OVA is needed to explain everything. If not, just read the novels, which I don’t think it’s possible given that it’s already been licensed.

In any case, a good anime from SHAFT, but it’ll make those anime viewers scratching their heads. Oh well, it’s farewell to the Mekakushi Gang!

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