Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #13

This is the final episode and we introduce to you… Wait, isn’t that Sakura ’cause she is already been introduced!

But it turns out, she’s not actually Sacrament. She may look like Sakura, but her name is called “Laplace’s Demon”. So yeah, she’s the devil and Sakura is the angel… get it?

Anyways, Souta got some reinforcements in the form of Nanami and the rest of the party. Sure that Nanami is a great help for assisting her brother on stopping Angelus Gemini from world domination…

However, said Angelus Gemini (which is the bow of the Premium Ambriel by the way) has a desperate trick on its sleeve as it fires a powerful beam to obliterate the Bladefield Kingdom once and for all!

So, what will Souta and his party do now?

Well, it was his problem in the first place so he decides to finish it all by himself. However, Souta’s powers alone won’t put an end to Angelus Gemini’s ambition.

So, the only way to finally stop Angelus Gemini was for Nanami and the rest of the party to band together and push Souta towards victory.

Yeah, it’s a cheesy way to finish a boss bent on controlling humanity…

But then again, it was all just a dream as Souta wake up in the hospital after a long slumber! Oh, and he finally saw his big sister in the flesh!

So yes, he’s back into the real world. Unfortunately, the Premium Ambriel tragedy, the existence of flags, the House of Seven Virtues, and Angelus Gemini are all in Souta’s head. Sorry Souta, by your time spent with your sister and the rest of the party are all gone.

Scratch that, I think Nanami know what happened in previous episodes so there’s a chance that Akane, Megumu, and the rest of his party will remember everything!

Also, about Number Zero? It was revealed that she’s not another persona of Nanami Bladefield, or so I believed. She was actually the founder of the Bladefield Kingdom, Kagura Bladefield.

Still, she’s a jerk for using Souta to death. I mean, Kagura isn’t different from Angelus Gemini.

Anyways, Gaworare ends with Souta reuniting not only Nanami and Akane, but the rest of his party at Quest Hall plus the homeroom teacher. At this point, I don’t think a sequel will be made since the ending leaves no room for more things to come.

Of course, there are some things that bugs me like Ruri and Tsumugi for example. Is Ruri still a robot? And Tsumugi supposed to be a “real” old lady, but why she is still a loli?

Oh yeah, and why is Sacrament and Laplace’s Demon still here even in the real world? There are some mysteries that are needed to be answered. But like I said, it won’t happen with the ending of Gaworare.

So for that, it’s a good adaptation, but Hoods Entertainment won’t make a sequel. See ya, Souta Hatate!

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