Spring 2014: The end of the rest…

As we go to Summer 2014, let’s look one last time on those anime series that were not blogged due to time constraints or they’re not interesting at all!

By the way, I’m so excited that Highschool DxD will have another season, as evidence by this lovely fan artwork of Akeno! Although Season 3 will comprised of the last two volumes of the second arc, let’s hope that my body is ready for another installment of Highschool DxD! Hell yeah!

Also, remember what I told about planning to read Gundam EX A? Turns out that it wasn’t translated in English from scanlators, so it was a bummer… but I’m excited about Gundam Build Fighters having another season along with Reconguista in G. (I though it was “Reconquista”)

01. Akuma no Riddle

I’m gonna start with Akuma no Riddle as I like how the story progresses towards the climax as students are transferring out (which is euphemism for death) one by one, which ends with a last battle between Tokaku Azuma and Haru Ichinose.

It was a nice climatic finish when Tokaku is the surviving student of the Black Class, and she’s fully-capable of killing everyone without hesitation as the series closes down with a depressing tone.

Unfortunately, the ending was a disappointment in which everybody that were “transferred” lives, including Haru Ichinose where she’s the only one graduation instead of Tokaku. I’m pretty much pissed on the ending and all of the tension and development were in vain!

02. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Second is Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, and I have to say that it was the best show that I didn’t blog in Spring 2014.

I like how the tenants build character-wise, especially Kawai-sempai and Usa-kun, and it leaves me a good impression that not all of them are flat-out weird or being rejects.

Well, there are some exceptions like Shirosaki, Mayumi, and Sayaka. They’re still act either weird (in Shirosaki’s case) or jerks, but at least they’re not being alienated. C’mon, they’re just humans and they’re pitiful!

Other than character development, everything is great when Brains Base did a good job on adapting it!

03. Blade and Soul

Next up is Blade and Soul and unfortunately, I feel that it’s the weakest series that Gonzo made since Kimi no Iru Machi. I was about to drop Blade and Soul because it’s mediocre and I can’t stand it!

You see, Alka is emotionless zombie-like assassin, killing everyone in honor of the code. However, it feels so one-dimensional and boring after the first 6 episodes so Gonzo turned her into a human after being killed by Jin Varrel. Unfortunately, it gets worse from there as she’s scared of killing people because everybody hates Alka for killing their loved ones and shit!

Jin Varrel on the other hand is even worse as it was found out that she was controlled, thus becoming an emotionless and boring antagonist. What’s worse is that Yu Lan, Jin Varrel’s companion who put her on a leash and decides to dispose her when Jin outlived her usefulness, gets away with it. Thus, the Palam Empire is still in control on most of the continent.

You know, I feel that I prefer side characters than the main characters… Loana-sama and Hazuki are better characters that either Jin Varrel and Alka! Oh yes, and other than character development issues, the animation production gets worse. Sure that the ending sequence is good, but concentrating on the ending sequence means that the budget is gone for the rest of the episode.

Bottom line is… Fuck, just don’t watch it ’cause it’s sucks! If you want to watch a Gonzo anime, try watching the Bayonetta film instead!

04. Gokukoku no Brynhildr

And finally, let’s end this post with Gokukoku no Brynhildr. As predicted, it went with an original ending where Ryota and his witch harem lives… except for Kotori where it was revealed that she was not only Chisato’s little sister, but as a final weapon that would wipe out humanity. And it came out of nowhere, so kudos to ARMS for not giving us hints or foreshadowing.

Speaking of ARMS, I feel that the ending was a big ass-pull, thanks in part with good ol’ “Deus Ex Machina”. Still, good thing it didn’t made more ambiguous just like the original ending of Elfen Lied 10 years ago. Sure that Neko regained her childhood memories, not to mention kissing Ryota just like Lucy doing it with Kouta, but her reunion came to an abrupt end as she finally stopped Valkyria, who happened to be Neko’s long-lost big sister (Wow, what’s with the long-lost sibling trope anyway?) and losing her memories in the process. But hey, it doesn’t matter as Ryota Murakami can make new memories with Kuroneko so it’s still a good ending, if not being an original one.

Until I wait for the Bluray version to rewatch this series, I feel that the adaptation of Gokukoku no Brynhildr lacks some charm of Elfen Lied. It’s still watchable, but you’ll notice that ARMS cut some of the plot elements from the manga.

But that’s the end for the rest of the anime series airing in Spring 2014. However, it’s not yet over as Gaworare, Love Live!, and Black Bullet are still there, waiting to end their respective series at any moment. Anyways, see you in Summer!

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