Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 Episode #13

Hey guys and girls, it’s the final episode of Love Live! Season 2 where it seems that μ’s unexpectedly won the competition! Wow, I’m glad that they got the victory unlike WUG!

Heck, even Nico’s little siblings can’t believe it that Nico’s backup dancers μ’s indeed won the competition!

So was Nico’s mother who is so proud of her daughter! Speaking of Nico, she will be graduating on this episode together with Eri and Nozomi.

Yeah, we’re going to miss those seniors very much! Oh BTW, what about the Idol Research Club?

Well, it’s Hanayo will take care of it along with Maki and Rin! However, I think she’s scared of leading the club and make it bigger.

Oh wait, she’s gonna be fine ’cause Kayo-chin got her two buddies, plus Yukiho and Arisa if they want to join the club in the future.

As for the rest of this final episode, μ’s are just chilling out before the credits roll such as drinking juice while basking under the tree. Sorry Honoka, but you have to treat your buddies!

Oh yes, and don’t forget about hanging out with alpacas. Yeah, I’m gonna miss them too!

And so, I’m sorry to say this but it’s the end for Love Live! Season 2. The main idol group μ’s got the victory, the seniors graduate, μ’s is disbanded, and the tale of their rise to fame has come to an end!

Oh yes, and about the second season? All I can say is that it was a big improvement over the first season, so kudos to Sunrise for stepping it up. You deserve it better!

Well, with this anime series already finished, the only way to get some more Love Live! is with games, concerts, and other merchandise. That’s the only way if you want to see μ’s once again.

Scratch what I’ve said… Not only merchandises will still continue to churn out with gusto, but it seems that there’s a movie announced at the end of this final episode!

So I guess Sunrise, Lantis, and ASCII Media Works won’t retire μ’s just yet! What can I say, bring it on!

With that said, it’s time to say farewell to μ’s. Oh, and one last thing… Sorry AKB0048, but I think you just got beaten by some school idols for once! (I wish Satelight would made a movie sequel but they’re too busy…)

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