Black Bullet Episode #13

Oh noes, it’s the final episode and they don’t have lighting because that jerkass former bodyguard dumped all of the batteries into the lake somewhere. Fuck that guy!

But hey, seems that someone pulled a miracle when swarms of lantern scatter across the sky!

And look, it’s Seitenshi-sama and she’s responsible for making this miracle!

I don’t know whether humanity has faith when dealing with Cursed Children, but it’s a start when they work together… until Kikunojo tramples it all!

So anyways, Rentaro commences the plan by letting him becoming the bomb planter all while the rest of the army cover him.

He succeeds on planting the bomb, but it didn’t explode as planned. So, Rentaro decides to make the EP Bomb go kaboom with his bare hands, which Enju might cry since she might lose Rentaro when he’s caught in the blast.

C’mon, don’t be a hero! That jerkass former bodyguard wants you dead!

However, it seems that Rentaro will have to sit this one out ’cause Shouma sacrifices his life to stop Aldebaran once and for all!

I guess he wants to be with Midori in the afterlife. But hey, at least Satomi lived to fight for another day!

Still, it sucks to see Shouma go with a literal bang! But what’s important is that Aldebaran is destroyed and Tokyo Area is safe.

On the other hand, it seems that the battle is not yet over as we have another scumbag character named Kazumitsu Tendo, Kisara’s brother.

The reason why he’s here in the final episode because he’s responsible for indirect manslaughter in the first Gastrea War in Tokyo Area, which killed most of the inhabitants including Kisara’s parents.

Now, he’s going to engage in a duel to the death…

…by Kisara, no less! At this point, Kisara is going to be one hell of a person where she kills the rest of the Tendo clan for the sake of justice.

Oh, and as for Kazumitsu? He’s already dead as his body disintegrates into a pool of blood! Now if only she would use that technique to that jerkass former bodyguard… He needs to die horribly!

Anyways, that’s it for Black Bullet and all I can say… It’s good with all the action and all the suffering happened on this series. However, the problem is that the pacing is so erratic at time that it doesn’t explain some bits of the plot.

Despite being a surprise hit when you combine Shingeki no Kyojin and Urobuchi’s previous works into a somewhat depressing anime about humanity’s struggles and inner demons, I think Black Bullet won’t have another season because it’ll be overshadowed by the likes of Mahouka.

But hey, I’ll be surprised if Kinema Citrus x Orange would make one when BD sales are good. For now, just settle with this ending of Black Bullet! Till then, Enju and Rentaro!

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