Captain Earth Episode #14

Today’s episode is what I called a fanservice-laden beach/hotel episode where the Midsummer Knights are taking a vacation after the rest of the Kill-T Gang (sans Setsuna).

Likewise, this episode…

…contains this certain amount of fanservice by yours truly, Hana Mutou!

Gee Daichi, what’s with that derpy look on your face? Are you restraining yourself much?

Speaking of restraint, seems that Daichi can’t assert himself when he’s about to kiss Hana. Why Captain, why!?

Likewise, Hana is getting distant towards Daichi for some reason. Maybe it’s because that she’s more dangerous than any of the designer children, which is why she’s afraid of telling her real feelings to Daichi.

Oh yeah, and on the topic of dangerous, seems that Moco and Amara are planning to blow up Tanegashima and piss CEO Kube off with an asteroid since he has decided to put some restraining bolt on Kill-T Gang for mishandling the company’s resources.

Even so, he has no control over Kill-T Gang because he’s a pawn to their plans. Heck, even his AI companion Puck is secretly betraying him.

Fortunately, crisis is averted when Hana summons a laser beam from the bottom of the ocean by pointing upwards!

Actually, that laser beam came from the Blume ship since Hana is connected to it. No wonder she’s dangerous if she fell into the wrong hands. Anyways, it’s off to the next episode!

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