Captain Earth Episode #15

This episode continues from last week where after using the Blume on stopping an artificial satellite, Hana ran away somewhere. Along the way, she met Setsuna who also ran away from Dr. Mao after the events from Ep. 11!

Still, they’re vulnerable from threats…

…like Amara and Moco for instance. They sure want Setsuna badly so they decided to capture or kill Hana too. Two birds in one stone!

Fortunately, Pitz is there to save the day by biting Amara’s ear. Way to go Pitz!

However, even though Hana escaped, Amara and Moco successfully captured Setsuna. With that, Kill-T Gang is complete!

Meanwhile, seems that CEO Kube decides to end Puck’s life once and for all. Unfortunately…

Puck goes one step ahead of Kube so his attempts of stopping the AI ends in a failure. As a consequence, Puck hijack Kube’s body using Dr. Mao’s latest invention.

Well CEO Kube, we hardly knew ya! After all, “Puck does not lie” when it comes to throwing people away who already outlived their usefulness.

Anyways, Setsuna joins Kill-T Gang not as a regular member… but the leader of all Planetary Gears.

Noticed that her pet squirrel Trumpet disappears right after she’s awakened? Well, it seems that either Setsuna made Trumpet using her mind, or Amara kill Trumpet afterwards.

On the other hand, Daichi finally found Hana. Not only he found Hana, but it seems that Captain Daichi finally kisses her.

Well Daichi, you finally did it! However, your reunion with Hana is short-lived as she was captured by Moco…

…where she and Amara proceeds to destroy both Daich and Teppei. After all, they can’t risk their lives on saving Hana Mutou yet.

Instead, Hana decides to save herself by summoning her Livlaster ’cause why not!

Regardless, looks like Kill-T Gang won’t give a fuck at Hana from now on!

Oh yeah, and did you know that Hana’s Livlaster can fire curved and homing lasers? Well, it does and Moco is at the receiving end of a painful retaliation!

Heck, even Amara is afraid… I guess he and his designer children buddies will have to be careful from now on!

Anyways, next episode might see Hana getting her own Engine mecha. Sorry Akari, but you’ll be stuck doing command control duty!

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