Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru Episode #11

Hello guys and girls and welcome to this extra episode of NouCome. BTW, there are two choices that you need to choose:

1.) Have Athrun Zala as your husband!
2.) Have Kira Yamato as your husband!

But you know what, screw having to choose one Gundam SEED character where you can just ship them both at each other. After all, boys love is hawt… for fujoshis everywhere!

Anyways, Kanade was transported into the world of dating sims ’cause why not! After all, thanks to Kanade’s cursed Absolute Choices, he got the chance to hook up girls and make a harem!

Scratch that, seems that the Absolute Choices doesn’t give a fuck about Kanade as his chances are slipping away!

Poor guy, he’s losing flags and he’s going to get a bad end!

On the other hand, Kanade can also interact with his classmates who act differently since he’s from the world of dating sims. Here, he can speak with a punk Ouka Yuouji and fail…

…as well as Furano Yukihira who is ready to beat Kanade up at any time. Oh wait, she’s an alien so she can just dissect him inside her UFO!

But both of them are nothing compared to this heroine named Yoh! Scratch that, it’s that lady next door from the first episode who happens to be a boy.

God, this is so damn wrong…

Oh wait, forget what I’ve said earlier ’cause Yoh transformed from a ugly guy to a cute yandere girl… and she’s out for blood!

Dammit, I feel that I’m watching School Days again… I must be having a bad dream! Speaking of bad dreams, this episode is so explicit that it is saved best for last.

I mean, did Kadokawa Shoten smoke crack and allow this to happen!? It’s like watching an ero-anime (or hentai in particular…) with all those mosaics!

Well, there’s no nipples shown on this OVA, but the fact is that having mosaics is borderline hentai! Ugh, I think they should put elephant or rose petal coverups. It’s better than putting mosaics!

Anyways, this NouCome anime is over… and it ends with a good throwback to one of the most shocking ending ever since Summer 2007. It’s called “Nice Boat” by the way!

Oh yeah, and as for Kanade… it’s all just a dream, a really-bad dream! Well, blame Jouji Nakata for giving him wacky choices that you cannot run away!

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