Glasslip Episode #03

Hiro Shirosaki, I don’t think Sachi will accept your feelings. I bet she’ll either simply friend-zone you, or go to the yuri route with Touko which is worse than a friend-zone.

BTW, the new guy Kakeru didn’t join to the hiking trip. I guess he’s a lone wolf compared to the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, Touko said to Yuki that she won’t become his girlfriend because Touko treats Yuki-kun as her best friend. Yeah, this episode is all about friend-zone so kudos to status quo. Status Quo is GOD!

Also, Yuki-kun should have some delicacy ’cause he’s unaware that she and Touko are in their undies! Anyways, Yuki got a punishment from Yanagi, although I was wondering if Yuki screamed first like a little girl? Who knows, maybe P.A.Works knows about it…

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