Captain Earth Episode #16

Oh look, it’s Puck and he’s enjoying Kube’s body like kissing his secretary. Oh wait, Kube’s secretary.

But you know what, I have a feeling that Puck might be the greatest threat on this show next to the Planetary Gears.

Speaking of Planetary Gears, they’re all assembled at last, minus Teppei of course due to him destroying his own Ego Block and becoming a Neoteny.

While we’re at it, they’re keen at sapping away humanity’s libido for themselves as Kill-T Gang are ready to invade Earth once and for all unless Puck throws them a spanner.

On the other hand, this episode marks Hana Mutou’s debut as the pilot of the Flare Engine. Yup, she ain’t the damsel-in-distress as she used to be…

And while she has a rocky start against Ai-chan, Hana managed to stop her from invading Earth. However, stopping a Kill-T Gang isn’t enough to guarantee Earth’s safety.

For now, Earth is saved but next week and after will be harder for Globe and Midsummer Knights. They’re not only have to stop Kill-T Gang, but the shady Ark Faction and Puck!

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