Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #16

Today is the day Tatsuya faces Masaki in the Rookie Monolith Code Finals Match! And while he has a hard time beating the Crimson Prince and his aide “Cardinal George”…

…at least he has Miyuki cheering him ’cause she knows how amazing her “Onii-sama~!” is.

BTW, I was disappointed that the real name of Cardinal George is actually Shinkurou Kichijouji. Man, I wanna call him “George” Kichijouji instead of his given name.

So yes, it’s time for the finals where First High School faces Third High School. Normally, it’s a 3-on-3 battle, but it’s all about Tatsuya vs Masaki on this episode.

Sorry Leo and Mikihiko, but you have to beat Cardinal George and his nameless aide off-screen!

Anyways, it’s on to the most anticipated duel of all ’cause it’s all that matters!

While Masaki has the slightest edge against Tatsuya, he’s having difficulties on bringing Tatsuya down without killing him. Unfortunately, Masaki won’t escape the inevitable as he accidentally injured Tatsuya.

Oh wait, scratch that! Actually, that was Tatsuya’s plan all along as he pretends to get injured (or fainted), use his regeneration magic to get back up…

…and get near towards Masaki to end their duel with a literal snap of his finger.

Oh, and Tatsuya won’t snap like would normally do, he’s snapping his finger with an earth-shattering, ear-piercing sonic boom that knocks the Crimson Prince out!

At this point with Masaki, George, and a nameless Third High School player down, who needs to bring down the opponent’s monolith anyway. This match belongs to First High School…

And they won the match with just a trio of extra-ordinary Course 2 students!

Well guys, give thanks to Leonhart, Mikihiko, and Tatsuya for clinching the rookie title. However, I have a feeling that it’s not over yet because of No-Head Dragons. They’re so pissed at seeing First High School win that they want them dead!

But you know what, I’ll be very happy if they come out of hiding and start killing students instead of whining like a bitch on the next episode!

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