Sword Art Online II Episode #03

Last week, I show you how badass Sinon is. This week, I show you the real Sinon or Shino Asada in real-life.

Not only she’s being bullied at school…

…but Sinon has a traumatic experience when she killed someone with a gun. Not a virtual one, but a real-life pistol in which she shoot the burglar three times with the last one landing on the forehead.

So yeah, Sinon is pretty fucked up in her life, painfully enduring panic after panic whenever she sees guns in real-life.

And despite playing Gun Gale Online for rehabilitation reasons, Sinon can’t get over her trauma and thus she desperately seeks help from someone!

Come to think of it, I know someone who can help Sinon.

That’s right, it’s Kirito and he’s ready to move in from the world of fairies into the world of guns!

Good luck there in GGO, Kirito! Oh, and don’t cheat on Asuna when you have Natsuki Aki nursing you!

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