Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ Episode #08.5

Oh look, it’s Momoneko-sama, and you know what that means… Tamayura is back!

This time, I’ll be blogging a special episode which takes place between Eps. 8 and 9 of Tamayura ~More Aggressive~. With that, let’s begin!

Anyways, the story goes as Potte, Kao-tan, and Norie-chan are spending their field trip together in Okinawa.

But wait, something’s missing here… Where’s Maon-tan? The quartet isn’t complete without Maon around!

Well, it was found out that she’s sick, thus Maon is stuck at home recovering from her fever. Yup, it’s sucks being sick when your friends are enjoying at Okinawa!

Fortunately, seems that it’s not right without Maon-tan. Heck, even Norie-chan is sad without her!

So, instead of just crying all the time, why not stage another field trip. Everyone will be happy, including Kanae-sempai!

Speaking of Kanae-sempai, she’s tagging along the ride together with the main quartet. But anyways, let’s enjoy them doing sightseeing and other activities at Onomichi!

BTW, there’s Chihiro and Tomo-cham making cameo appearances on this OVA episode. Then again, they’ll be appearing in future episodes since it takes place between Eps. 8 and 9.

While Chihiro is guaranteed making an appearance after 8.5, I’m not sure about Tomo-chan since last time I remember was her appearance back in Ep. 7.

But anyways, let’s go sightseeing in Onomichi! And while Fuunyon already went there back in Ep. 6, the rest of her friends are excited to visit Onomichi…

Especially Maon-tan, who enjoys more than the rest of the group. I’m sure that she’ll have good memories at Onomichi!

And with that, Tamayura ~More Aggressive~ Ep. 8.5 comes to a close and we end it with a bathhouse.

Afterwards, they’ll stay at Bed and Breakfast for one night and return to Takehara for the usual lives. But for Maon-tan, this trip will be forever treasured for the rest of her life!

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