Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #02

This is the second episode of Blade Dance, and we start things off with a duel between Rinslet Laurenfrost and her ice elemental Fenrir…

…and Claire Rouge, with a surprise return of her fiery feline elemental Scarlet. Well, glad that Scarlet isn’t gone forever!

Unfortunately, their duel made some collateral damage in regards to Kamito’s shack. Oh well, he has no choice but to freeload at Claire’s room for the time being!

By the way, let’s explain with the plot a bit, as the main goal for all elementalists is to win the prestigious Blade Dance tournament where the winner will grant fame and eternal honor for their country, as well as granting a single wish. One of the most famous Blade Dance winners is none other than Ren Ashbell.

For Kamito, winning the tournament is important for finding his first contracted spirit, Restia.

For Claire however, apart from being assaulted by a random water slime thingy, her aim is become the strongest Blade Dancer like Ren Ashbell and find the whereabouts of her elder sister, the “Calamity Queen” Rubia Elstein.

So yes, both Kamito and Claire have the same reason to win in the Blade Dance tournament.

But you know what, they could be a great team together with Rinslet and Ellis. Just remember not to cause any scene like shoving Claire’s panties in her face!

Speaking of Ellis, she challenged Kamito to a 3-on-3 match inside Astral Zero. And while Claire and Rinslet took care of Ellis’ lackeys (off-screen, unfortunately), her duel against Kamito is almost one-sided in favor of Ellis.

You know, it would be nice if his sword spirit wasn’t that small after capturing it back in Ep. 1. But nope, it seems that the sword spirit trolled him!

And when Ellis is about to strike Kamito with her Elemental Waffe Ray Hawk, a demon appeared out of nowhere to spoil the duel.

Things are about to get interesting, and this happens! Way to ruin the moment, TNK…

Okay, scratch what I’ve said ’cause it seems that they pulled a surprise appearance of Restia. So Kamito, I guess you won’t be winning the tournament ’cause Restia is here.

Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that Restia isn’t the same as the original. She’s obviously evil and she’s going to take Kamito away from Claire on the next episode! I hope it doesn’t happen ’cause it’s sad to see this male elementalist go!

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