Glasslip Episode #04

Hey Kakeru, you sure are living the great outdoors but I think you should camp far away from home.

Better yet, you should have joined Touko and her friends last week instead of cooping up in your tent while your dad wakes you up in the morning!

Camping aside, there’s nothing happened on this episode, apart from Yanagi having a sprain after camping.

Still, the status quo continues, and the better way to remain it that way is a punch to Yuki’s face! He deserve it for being oblivious to Yanagi’s feelings. Also, that punch also symbolize being friendzoned by Touko, no less!

As for Yanagi, she’s doing rehab on her ankle so it’s going to be slow and painful, given that she might fall down without getting up by her own. Oh, and other than her recovery, seems that Yanagi has an eye on Kakeru. What a shocker really considering that the cast are not being serious when it comes to love!

Meanwhile, seems that Hiro-kun scored a date with Sachi by going to a movie theater. Unfortunately, he’s a horrible boyfriend!

Really Hiro-kun, you slept while Sacchan is watching? No wonder she secretly hates you right now! She won’t tell you because you’re out cold… and snoring too!

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