Rail Wars! Episode #04

Today’s episode, the 4th Peacekeeping Squad are assigned to guard an idol singer Noa Kashima where she will perform at Izu, located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

While Minori Chihara will be today’s guest voice actress, voicing Noa Kashima no less, this episode will test the quartet on stopping the usual suspects that threatens Noa.

For example, your usual stalker deep lover of Noa Kashima.

Aside from Naoto shoving his face between two boobies, everything is a-okay as long as the 4th Peacekeeping Squad are there to apprehend dangerous individuals!

See, there’s nothing to worry about stalkers and assassins. Aoi will pin them down!

By the way, this episode contains girls in bikini-wear, as Haruka and Aoi shows. In the world of boobies, or should I say train noses, it’s bound to happen!

While Koumi and Sakurai are well-endowed, seems that Nana Iida can step it up with her bigger buxom. C’mon, look how big those boobies are!

But anyways, they successfully fend off threats and Noa’s concert run without a hitch…

Well, there is one where Naoto got stabbed by an attacker. He almost died there at the stage if it wasn’t for his stamp book, but what’s important is Naoto staying alive to see another day!

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