Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #17

Ah, the No-Head Dragons… They’re so pathetic that they’re just sitting around whining about losing bets and other shit.

Really, this criminal organization uses petty and cheap tricks to take First High School out of the competition!

And speaking of cheap tricks, looks like one No-Head Dragon operative got a beating from a certain irregular named Tatsuya.

Oh, and don’t try tampering Miyuki’s CAD and take her out via a deliberate accident… ’cause Tatsuya will beat you down for getting his little sister injured! See, his eyes tells the story!

Thanks to Tatsuya’s outburst at an operative, Miyuki’s “Onii-sama!” count has skyrocketed to 12!

Oh, and she curb-stomped the Mirage Bat event like a boss! GG for the rest of the high school participants, but No-Head Dragons are still at large.

C’mon, get out of your comfort zone and fight like a real terrorist organization! Don’t be a pussy, No-Head Dragons!

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