Sword Art Online II Episode #04

Today is the day Kirito moved his account from Alfheim Online to Gun Gale Online. Oh, and it seems that he turned into a girl or something effeminate.

Well, it’s bound to happen if you watch the opening sequence! Still, Kirito ver. GGO is hawt!

Oh, and he still kicks ass like clearing a high-stakes mini game where he got a jackpot… by dodging auto-aiming bullets and tagging out a surprisingly good English-speaking gun-slinging bot like it was nothing! (I wish that bot has a Texan accent!)

Curb-stomping the mini game aside, Kirito’s flashy and blur-like moves reminds me of Accel World. Maybe he’s foreshadowing us on bridging his series to the world of Brain Burst.

And speaking of Accel World, I want a second season as a change of pace. C’mon Reki Kawahara, give Accel World some love! SAO already got so much that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki are being neglected!

Anyways, onto the next episode where Kirito finally met Sinon. And while he can do fancy and deadly moves with his light saber (or beam saber), he needs a physical-type firearm in order to enter the Bullet of Bullets tournament.

So with that, he has to learn with the pro, while pretending as a girl/newbie player in front of Sinon!

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