Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #03

On this episode, Kamito, Claire, and the rest are fighting a demon from Astral Zero.

Unfortunately for Claire, she lost her fire cat Scarlet again… Why does the author of Blade Dance (plus TNK) have to be so cruel on Scarlet? Why!

Anyway, there’s no other choice but to bet on Kamito, and it looks like his sword spirit Demon Slayer returned to its true form…

…cutting the demon away in similar fashion to Ren Ashbell. Way to go, Kamito!

Oh, and speaking of Ren Ashbell, it’s confirmed that Kamito was Ren Ashbell all along. Also, there was speculation that he’s the reincarnated demon lord Suleiman, although its powers are not yet manifested on Kamito as of this episode.

Maybe in the future, Kamito might have powers of both demon lord Suleiman and Ren Ashbell.

For now, it’s time to introduce more characters like this girl named Est for example. Scratch that, she’s actually the human form of Kamito’s Demon Slayer.

Likewise, Est is so cute that she wanted to stay as a human girl rather than a holy sword. On the other hand, Kamito’s bad reputation as a perverted beast intensifies! Man, can someone give him a break over “Eww, pervert!” and the like?

Anyways, next episode sees Claire in despair… Oh wait, she’s getting more angsty now that her pet fire cat Scarlet was eaten by a demon.

What’s worse is that Claire got herself involved in Restia, of all people! I have a bad feeling that things might get ugly for her next week!

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