Glasslip Episode #05

Today is your typical slow episode where Yuki-kun compete in a 100m sprint, then fail ’cause his legs are not yet healed…

…all while Yanagi record his failure. Oh yeah, and Yanagi finally confessed her feelings to Yuki-kun afterwards.

Unfortunately, there’s no reaction from Yuki-kun. After all, he likes Touko!

Speaking of Touko, she got invited at Kakeru’s house thanks to his dad, which she called Mr. Okikura by mistake since Kakeru was out at that time. Oh, and Touko is blushing when she’s near Kakeru!

But you know what, I think “David” needs to have a cellphone instead of using the landline all the time. He’s so behind the times!

At this point, future episode will become slower and less exciting… P.A.Works, I’m disappoint!

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