Rail Wars! Episode #05

Derailment incoming, derailment incoming!

Takayama’s train has been wrecked! I repeat, Takayama’s train has been wrecked!

Next time Naoto-kun, don’t block the doorway with train tracks. Also, DAT Train Collision!

Speaking of train wrecks and collision, it seems that both Aoi and Naoto have managed to prevent one while pursuing a terrorist…

Said method was using Takayama as a bench support since Sakurai’s right arm got injured, all while Sakurai aim and fire her handgun for the emergency fence to trigger an alarm.

Also, did you notice Naoto’s hands on this pic? Seems that he’s one lucky dog on groping Sakurai’s lovely ass!

Anyways, another train disaster was averted on this episode. As for the terrorist, he was captured by a local peacekeeping squad so it’s all good!

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