Hanayamata Episode #05

C’mon Yaya, join the Yosakoi Club already. Hana-chan wants you!

Today, I present to you the Yosakoi Club! It’s officially open as you may see with 4 members travelling to see a local yosakoi festival.

While Yaya gave in and joined the club (in name only), it’s a surprise seeing Tami-neechan officially joined the club! I guess she talked about it with her father back in Ep. 4, but unfortunately it was off-screen at the end of it.

Meanwhile, they got an advisor too named Sally-sensei who got dragged too just like Yaya. I mean, she look so tired and uninterested. I bet she doesn’t have a boyfriend, just like a certain Sawako-sensei from K-On!

Regardless, I think Sally-sensei will change her outlook as the club aims to join the Hanairo Festival! But first, Hana is trying to get Machi on joining her club next week.

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