Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #04

Remember when I told you that Claire is in despair after losing Scarlet again? Well, she does and in order to relieve that, Claire goes to battle to earn a more powerful spirit.

Unfortunately, it’s suicidal to fight an elementalist without your contracted spirit.

So, Claire uses a spirit given by Restia. And if you remember that things might get ugly on this episode when Restia is involved? Well, it does!

And you know what Restia’s mad spirit can do? Not only it manifests Claire’s fire cat Scarlet, but it can turn spirits surrounding it into chaotic monsters!

I have to say this but you’re an idiot, Claire Rouge!

Anyways, it’s time for Kamito to call Est and turn her into a sacred sword…

…just to kill Scarlet again. TNK and Yuu Shimizu, you bastards!

Well, that’s about it for Scarlet. Fortunately enough, Scarlet has more lives to go back up again so it’s all good for now!

Oh right, I forgot about Restia. Even though most fans liked her, I think she won’t join Kamito anytime soon.

Seeing Restia makes me wonder what her true objectives are. Is she trying to turn Kamito into a demon lord, or something else? Restia is so mysterious even though Yoko Hikasa voicing this character.

With that, this episode ends with Claire kissing Kamito, but it won’t make him a contracted spirit. Of course, it’s not the end yet as they have to deal with a military-grade spirit gone berserk as well as Est getting naked again!

So anyways, onto the next episode with a new character introduced. Then again, seems that TNK will adapt 3 volumes worth of content for this series as a whole. Unless there’s another season for Blade Dance, they have so much catching up to do.

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