Free! Eternal Summer Episode #06

Oh look, it’s the return of the former captain of the Samezuka Swim Club! Great to see him again, and he wants to see his little brother compete!

Anyways, it’s the start of the preliminaries and everyone is pumped up…

…especially the Iwatobi Swim Club where they improved over their last outing. They’re sure hungry to make it to the nationals so that Gou-chan can see national-level muscle!

And while the club dominated in the individuals, this episode is all about Haruka and Makoto. Sure that they’ll be graduating soon after the competition, but the thing is that Makoto wants to challenge Haruka in a real match.

After all, they’re not only best friends…

…but they’re swimmers too ever since they joined Coach Sasabe’s swim club back then. Makes me wonder if those fujoshis are shipping them at a young age?

Anyways, let’s go back to the competition as Makoto competes in the 200m Freestyle Race together with Haruka.

And while Makoto took the lead, it wasn’t enough to beat his friend…

…as Haruka played catch-up and finishing in first place after the last turn. Well, at least Makoto tried to beat Haruka!

Now that the individual events are over, it’s time for the relay event on the next episode. Will Samezuka win that event? You’ll have to find that one out!

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