Glasslip Episode #06

Just another episode of non-advancement of the plot, as well as more blushing for Touko where she’s thinking that she might get her first kiss from David!

And speaking of David, Kakeru challenges Yuki-kun in a fistfight 100m sprint after Yuki drew first blood to his face!

Unfortunately, it was called off when Yanagi slapped David in the face. Really guys, what’s wrong with his face!?

On the other hand, screw the sprint race where you can let the boys have it! A fistfight is a better way to advance the plot instead of not having it at all!

But anyways, Glasslip has reached its half-point. At this point, it’s going down ’cause P.A.Works are busy doing gorgeous background instead of the plot!

Oh yeah, I forgot about Hiro-kun as he continues to act like a bad boyfriend…

…by not surprising Sacchan with fireworks. All I can say, it was an epic fail for Hiro!

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