Little Busters! EX Episode #06

This is the final episode of Sasami Sasasegawa’s story arc, and she wants to be human again…

What if she was a cat all along? Let’s find out!

Now, the OVA series is already finished, but I can finish it before the year ends. Anyway, it seems that not only Komari-chan has disappeared, but most of the members of Little Busters! Hmm, the plot thickens…

Scratch that, seems that everyone’s disappearing too, including the world! Oh boy, wonder if Kyousuke has something to do about it?

On the other hand, Sasami throws in her backstory as her secret affection of cats started when Sasami once owned a black cat named Kuro.

However, said black cat disappeared when Sasami moved away to another place, didn’t see Kuro ever again… Or is it?

In fact, Sasami met Kuro back in Ep. 5, but she couldn’t tell if that’s her long-lost pet cat or not.

Moving on, it’s time to reveal the truth behind Sasami’s transformation into a cat. Was it Sasami being a cat all along? Nope, it’s debunked! As for Kyousuke’s involvement with the world? Nope, he’s not involved!

It was revealed that her long-lost pet cat Kuro created the world, which includes Sasami transforming into a feline as well as the disappearance of the Little Busters! members after finding out Sasami’s identity. Wow, what a twist!

So, what will Sasami do now that her pet cat is controlling the world? It’s stupid to leave right away after learning the truth.

Instead, she make amends with Kuro and spending her lost time with her pet cat.

By the time she’s done playing with her pet feline, Kuro will be passed on to heaven. Yeah, it’s a bittersweet end to Sasami’s story arc!

I have to say that even though she’s haughty, Sasami has hidden depths like taking care of cats in which she remind herself of petting Kuro when she was a child. I like how this arc shows her true nature and I like how Sasami rekindled her missing childhood memories with Kuro.

Also, even though Sasami’s relationship with Riki didn’t go further, I have to give credit to Riki ’cause Sasami’s story won’t have a closure without him.

Like the previous arc, it’s a job well done by J.C.Staff and I hope they keep the ball rolling!

Anyways, there’s one more arc to go and Kanata Futaki’s story arc is hyping up to its climax! Can’t wait for it!

With that, I leave you with one last pic of Sasami Sasasegawa. See ya in Ep. 7!

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