Captain Earth Episode #19

Amara, why do you ignore Moco’s sexy body? Gee, you’re no fun at all and that why you don’t have any libido for a full-scale battle!

Anyway, it’s the continuation of their escape from Australia to Japan! Thanks to Akari’s magic, the Midsummer Knights got an aircraft and they’re heading back to Tanegashima island.

However, seems that the Ark Faction wouldn’t let those kids get away as they deployed their latest unmanned Impacter machine, the Samara Engine.

Honestly, the Samara Engine look like a rabid dog, a “salty” rabid dog! Yeah, it make sense but you know what, screw the Ark Faction…

That’s because Hana Mutou decided to activate Blume and obliterate the Samara Engine down to the sea!

Yeah, good job on stopping the Ark Faction in its tracks, for now at least. With that, the Midsummer Knights are back in Tanegashima safe and sound!

Oh yeah, as for Hana… I think she’ll be staying inside Blume unless Daichi takes her back!

Anyways, on to the next episode!

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