Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #05

Oh Kamito, are you trying to squeeze Est’s chest? Please cut it out even though it was an accident!

This is Fianna Ray Ordesia, the new girl debuted at the end of Ep. 4 is now made her formal introduction on this episode.

While she’s a busty princess (obviously!), Fianna knows Kamito even before she transferred to Areishia Spirit Academy.

That’s because she was saved by him when she’s training in her shrine maiden garb at Astral Zero. Oh yeah, and she knows Kamito’s secret identity as Ren Ashbell.

Anyways, Fianna was looking forward to meet Kamito again after a long time. But unfortunately, she met with disappointment as Kamito didn’t remember her. Why can’t you remember Fianna yet you can still remember Restia, Kamito!?

Meanwhile, the Blade Dance tournament is right around the corner and the students are busy forming teams. For Kamito however, he’s being tugged around by the likes of Claire, Rinslet, and Ellis.

Seriously girls, why can you just drop your haughty attitude and work as a team! With you three plus Kamito, you’ll become unstoppable!

Well then, I hope they’ll become teammates next week… or not!

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