Hanayamata Episode #06

Mr. Sekiya, you’d think that your daughter is making a letter to her future boyfriend? C’mon sir, get a grip!

Anyway, the Yosakoi Club is already open, but it seems that they hit some setbacks…

…like Hana flunking on her mid-terms, which includes Japanese and English (surprisingly).

Well, there’s nothing to be discouraged. All you need to do is study and you’re all good so that Sally-sensei will give you a “go” on club activities!

Other than bad grades (which will be taken care of), everything is going well for the Yosakoi Club! Heck, they even show their progress to everyone, including Sally-sensei!

But that’s it for Episode 6. For some reason, Sally-sensei is acting like a real teacher even though she’s just a part-timer.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell another setback. This time it’s Yaya and it seems that her Light Music Club didn’t make it to the first round of auditions. That’s sucks!

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