Free! Eternal Summer Episode #07

Today is the second day of the preliminaries and you know what that means… It’s all about the relay event!

For Ai-chan however, he will be sidelined as he didn’t perform well on the first day. Um Rin-sempai, remember what you said that results aren’t necessary when picking team members for the relay? I guess he forgot about it!

Meanwhile, the Iwatobi Swim Club are celebrating their win at the individuals and they’re keen on winning the relay event. Nagisa, I don’t think sprinkling strawberry-flavored protein powder on your noodies might not be good for you!

Other than that, there is some good news that Haruka was scouted from a prestigious university. I guess they’re impressed with Haruka’s performance at the freestyle event but it seems that he’s not yet interested.

Oh yeah, about the relay event? It seems that Samezuka grab 1st place while Iwatobi got 2nd place. But hey, the good news is that they both qualified for the regionals so it’s all good!

Well, not quite as Sousuke is not happy on their victory. In fact, he haven’t find what he’s looking for after the relay event and now he’s venting his anger at Rin.

Oh please Sousuke, don’t try to pull punches on Rin just because he already moved on since he “unofficially” joined Haruka’s relay team back then! I guess Sousuke will have to find it the hard way in later episodes…

For now, their main focus is the regionals and I wish them good luck!

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