Glasslip Episode #07

Sorry Mrs. Okikura, but your son is already out somewhere…

That’s because he’s probably talking with his David clones, or he’s just doing crazy talk to himself. Better check Kakeru’s belongings ’cause he might be smoking weed!

Speaking of David, Touko is worried that Kakeru might die unsuspectingly. In fact, she got a freak-out at the end!

Meanwhile, Sachi got hospitalized because her body is weak and therefore she has no choice but to get regular check-ups.

And BTW, no weekend outings for the crew because of Sacchan not being there. But hey, at least she has her scumbag boyfriend Hiro-kun who can’t do anything other than bringing cookies!

Another episode ended, another week to look forward on Glasslip… Just kidding, there’s no looking forward for next week unless P.A.Works threw a spanner at the viewers that leave us very shocked!

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