Captain Earth Episode #20

Well, I’m glad that Daichi took Hana back to him from Blume! Thank goodness…

Anyways, it’s time for the Midsummer Knights to carry out one last mission which is named “Operation Summer”!

Meanwhile, Teppei got a kiss from Akari which signifies their relationship as lovers. Heck, even Akari’s mother can’t believe it!

Now for the final operation, this involves the Knights travelling to Uranus and destroying the Kill-T Gang’s mothership Oberon. However, there are some people who wanted to stop their operation.

These people include Ai-chan from Kill-T Gang, posing as a governor for a day… (Why did you let this bitch board the Tenkaidou? She’s a Planetary Gear!)

…and this fuckin’ four-eyes from Salty Dog! Why the hell did this guy return and cause trouble!?

While we’re at it, Puck is watching the events unfold at the comfort of his room. Damn you Puck!

Anyway, I feel that things get from bad to worse on the next episode!

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