Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #20

Today’s episode, I’m gladly announce the return of Mayumi Saegusa! And damn, she’s getting turned on by Tatsuya…

Really Tatsuya, you’re one smooth talker! BTW, Miyuki didn’t uttered a single line of dialogue on this episode, not even her “Onii-sama!” rant. Thank god!

Meanwhile, those terrorists from the Great Asian Alliance are not only trying to get the Nino Magatama, they’re plotting to infiltrate and extract secrets from First High School, most notably Ms. Ichihara’s Thesis Competition team.

So Tatsuya asked his friends to guard Suzune Ichihara and Kei Isori from spies and other suspicious people.

Oh yeah, this guy might get away from Erika Chiba…

…but what’s in store for him is this man-eating tiger from the Great Asian Alliance, Lu Gonghu!

I have to say that he made a bloody massacre towards that USNA spy. Now I’m worried that Lu Gonghu might kill Tatsuya if he’s not careful.

Anyways, it’s six episodes to go and the Thesis Competition is fast approaching!

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