Sword Art Online II Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Sugu doing her best as Kazuto’s not-so annoying little sister. Still, she’ll be sidelined together with Asuna and the rest of the SAO survivors.

Anyway, it’s time for the main tournament for Bullet of Bullets, and I have to make an amendment regarding the qualifiers.

It looks like both Kirito and Sinon are qualified to the main tournament, which is happy for Shino Asada to get back at that stupid sexy black swordsman after the events from last week’s episode!

As for Shino’s childhood friend Kyouji, he maybe supportive to his friend’s success but getting clingy to Shino is a bad omen…

Meanwhile, Kirito is ready to dive in to GGO. But first, he needs a little bit of counseling from Ms. Aki.

Kazuto sure needs one because he can’t forget that he killed three Laughing Coffin players during SAO, yet he can’t remember their faces nor names before dying.

Speaking of which, is Death Gun being the manifestation of those three fallen criminals or one of those survivors who have a grudge on the black swordsman? We’ll have to find that one out in future episodes…

For now, it’s Round 2 between Kirito and Sinon at the BoB Main Tournament! I’m hoping that Sinon would win next week, but then again Kirito will just make her surrender. After all, he doesn’t like cutting girls…

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