Hanayamata Episode #07

And now, I present you dancing girls dress up with animal ears and tails!

Good job, Sally-sensei… Now all it needs is to wear those thick hakama garbs from the defunct rakugo club, put those ears and tails, and they’re all set!

Anyway, it’s the continuation from last week’s episode where Yaya got upset when her band didn’t make it past the first round. And it gets worse when her bandmates decides to call it quits.

Yes, Yaya and her band did their best but it seems that her bandmates aren’t fully committed on getting famous in the first place. Not only that, but they have other commitments such as dating boyfriends and other girly stuff!

Regardless, even though she put up a brave face, all that Yaya needs is a friend to lean on and cry…

…which she have it all along in the form of Naru and Hana. I have to say that I’m glad they come to her life!

And so, Yaya officially joins the Yosakoi Club. That’s good for her!

Now all that’s left is Machi-kaichou… I hope she’ll join the club next week!

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