Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #06

Let’s continue where we left off last week! Right now, Kamito was asked for assistance by the headmaster to stop another rouge military-grade spirit.

But first, it’s time for some bonding with Princess Fianna even though he couldn’t remember her back then…

Oh, and while we’re at it, seems that Claire is getting jealous that an Ordesian princess is flirting Kamito!

For Fianna however, she’s doing it ’cause Fianna hates Claire’s big sister. Then again, Fianna can’t put up a fight against the Calamity Queen as she loses her powers out of fear. That’s sucks!

Speaking of losing powers, Fianna cheated her way to attend Areshia Spirit Academy (which was overlooked by the headmaster) just to see Kamito again despite her circumstances.

Meanwhile, we have a new character named Jio Inzagi in which he claims to be the true successor to the title of demon lord.

Of course, he’s just causing trouble at Areshia Spirit Academy and he almost killed Fianna if it wasn’t for Kamito saving her.

Even though Kamito put up a fight against Jio, he can’t edge out the demon lord’s successor yet! I guess it’s time for him to man up and regain his strength to become the Ren Ashbell of old.

Unfortunately, he won’t be doing that for a while so enjoy some more Claire action next week… Please deal with it until the 3rd season of Highschool DxD gets the airing date!

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