Captain Earth Episode #21

All right, so the Midsummer Knights are in a bind right now as Tenkaidou is under attack. For one, Ai-chan is causing trouble again as she’s flinging debris. The other is that goddamn four-eyed bastard from Salty Dog, who took Hana hostage all while planted bombs at the space station (Oh, and it’ll explode if he dies).

Creepy Ai-chan aside, what will they do? Well, why not do both at the same time!

Of course, I think it’s a bad idea on saving both the Tenkaidou and Hana. Teppei is pretty much screwed up now that Nebula Engine is down.

So, Daichi comes to save the day using the Earth Engine…

…and a Plasmagnum, which is a cannon/motorcycle-type transport unit similar to the Mega Rider from Gundam ZZ.

Well, that would take care of those pesky space trash from crashing to the space station, and also Earth!

Oh wait, seems that the Plasmagnum would destroy the Nebula Engine too. Say it ain’t so Daichi, you killed your own friend!

Oh wait, he’s alive somehow. I wonder if Teppei’s Livlaster pulled a Deus ex machina to save him? Hmm…

But anyways, I’m glad that Teppei wasn’t killed ’cause I’ll be sad if he didn’t live to tell the tale!

Now that Ai-chan’s plan has been thwarted, let’s go back on saving Hana. Fortunately, other than cursing at Daichi and not putting his handgun down, seems that this Salty Dog representative have decided to let Hana go and stop the bombs.

Then again, I don’t believe him and I rather see this bastard die in a fire. Nothing else!

In any case, it’s off to next week…

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