Hanayamata Episode #08

And now, I present you dancing girl… wearing hakama garbs from the now-defunct rakugo club. Seriously, why they didn’t wear those animal ears and tails from last week’s episode?

Still, Sally-sensei doesn’t mind that ’cause she’s now focus on Naru and Tami’s plumpy thighs! Please help them…

Anyways, it’s the day where the Yosakoi Club made their debut on stage at a local event. Unfortunately, seems that they forgot to bring one piece for their performance.

That’s right, it’s the music and it’s Sally-sensei’s fault for not bringing it over when they needed the most.

But luckily, Sally-sensei contacted Machi to bring the CD over to the girls. Thank you Machi, you’re a lifesaver!

Oh yeah, I have to mention this but Machi is actually Sally’s little sister. Then again, Machi is more mature than Sally-sensei.

Now then, time for their performance and I have to say that they dancing smoothly so far…

…until Naru choked it. This isn’t her first time though as Naru have that experience during elementary school, for which she’s scarred for life until this happens. Dammit, why the world so cruel towards Naru!?

On the other hand, not only Naru got the fall, but so was Hana-chan, which culminated to their embarrassing performance towards the end of this episode. Now, I feel that Machi should help them as a member of the Yosakoi Club!

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