Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode #07

I’ve mentioned Claire’s big sister Rubia Elstein back in Ep. 2. Now, here she is…

…as the Calamity Queen destroys Fianna’s contracted spirit. And that was 4 years ago!

Now back to the present as Fianna recovered from last week’s episode where she almost got herself killed by Jio Inzagi.

Good thing Kamito and- Wait, Kamito saved her even though it’s half-assed! And over there behind Kamito, it’s Claire and she’s mad that her slave spirit is flirting other girls!

Oh well, time to gangway outta here! Kamito doesn’t want to get burned or smoked by a fiery DFC redhead. BTW, seems that Kamito finally remembered his first meeting with Fianna 3 years ago. Way to go for not being a dunce, Kamito!

Speaking of DFC, Claire is having it right now… As expected from this Louise-expy, you sure played this trope well!

So, as per Rinslet’s suggestion, Claire massages her chest as if she’s being raped by Kamito in her mind. Also includes breast expansion using magic ’cause why not!

Well played, Claire! Unfortunately, Rinslet is just screwing you so cut it out… It won’t grow to a C or D cup!

Also, you’re exposing yourself to your slave spirit. Seriously Claire, don’t do it again!

Now back to the plot as Kamito teamed up with Claire, Rinslet, and Fianna (even though she’ll be the load for the time being) on a mission to stop a rouge military-grade spirit as discussed from Ep. 6. It was called Jörmungandr, and it’s resided at an abandoned mining town.

However, said military-grade spirit was not found and instead they got Jio Inzagi instead!

Oh yeah, and he beat Ellis and her knights. Good thing he didn’t defile them ’cause it’ll be bad if they lost their ability to control spirits, not to mention becoming Jio’s bitches afterwards!

Anyway, let Kamito beat his ass and prove that he’s a demon lord wannabe! See Jio, your sword is useless against Kamito’s sacred sword/cute girl!

Hell, even your backup sword won’t cut it! BTW, how many sword does Jio have? Also, he should have wielded two instead of one like Kirito.

But no matter, Jio is going down once Kamito goes for the final slash!

Oh wait, seems that Est just exhausted her powers already. What bad timing there Kamito, you almost beat Jio Inzagi!

Well then, off to the next episode… Things aren’t looking good for this male elementalist and his harem!

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