Are you having those kinky dreams of both Koyomi and Hitagi-sempai, Suruga?

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the missing chapter from the Monogatari Series Second Season, now aired as a special instead due to SHAFT being SHAFT last year.

They supposed to air it, replacing those recap episodes. But then again, they don’t want their series airing through January.

But anyways, this story is all about Suruga Kanbaru as she becomes a third-year student. BTW, Araragi-kun, Hanekawa and Senjougahara-san are in college so to speak.

Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, Kanbaru investigates a rumor that a devil can solve any problems. The only devil I know is Suruga’s bandaged left hand “Rainy Devil”.

Good thing she wasn’t the rumored devil ’cause there is another. But first, here’s Ougi doing bicycle tricks and riding in reverse!

Still, he’ll be very important later on…

Anyway, this is Rouka Numachi, and she’s Suruga’s rival during middle school. However, she becomes a NEET after injuring her leg before facing Suruga at a basketball game.

BTW, I’m surprised that Kana Asumi’s voice was gloomy when voicing Rouka. I’m used to hearing her cheery voice all the time. Oh yeah, she’s the rumored devil but Rouka is not menacing nor helpful at all…

Therefore, she was slapped in the face by Kanbaru! Even though Suruga slapped her hard, Rouka wasn’t fazed and decided to leave for now. Oh yeah, Rouka grabbed Suruga’s left boob as a souvenir…

…as well as calling this familiar figure who supposed to be dead. I’m confused to what this story takes place. Is it before Hitagi End or after?

Anyway, Mr. Kaiki has returned and he not only sport a goatee, but he can run as fast as Suruga. Mind blown aside, he’s here to warn Suruga about the cursed devil monkey paw.

Unfortunately for Suruga, she doesn’t have it anymore after checking her left arm (not to mentioned that she’s naked).

In fact, it was stolen by Rouka Numachi. Shocking truth! Maybe she didn’t just grabbed Suruga’s left boob earlier.

On the other hand, seeing Rouka out-gunned Suruga in a mano-o-mano basketball duel…

…plus wrestling her like a “seme” is beyond comprehension. Gee Rouka, Suruga has Araragi and Senjougahara-sempai so there’s no need to add another to her love life. Not like Suruga haven’t had sex with her seniors yet.

Back to the plot and Rouka not only has Suruga’s devil arm but she’s collecting other devil parts.

Of course, it’s not like she’s collecting parts right away after injuring her leg as Rouka collects misfortunes of others first as if she’s helping them. On the other hand, isn’t her collecting a bit sickening and terrible?

There was a time where she helped a girl who has a left leg of a devil, saying that it’ll be okay with an open heart. Afterwards, Rouka forgot about that girl and got addicted on collecting devil parts along with the misfortune of others. Hence, it’s so sickening!

Apart from her collecting, it was revealed that Rouka was dead to begin with, meaning that what Suruga saw was her ghost… or rather her half-devil form!

Whether she’s a ghost or devil, Rouka needs to pass on and give up on collecting devil parts. And the only way to put Rouka to rest is a basketball rematch.

BTW, SHAFT likes to put unnecessary elements such as retractable roof, benches, and even putting water too!

Anyway, looks like Suruga got her revenge when she out-maneuver Rouka and dunked her way to the hoop! Who says dunking is illegal? It’s necessary evil!

And now Suruga is on top. Who’s the “seme” now, Rouka? Unfortunately, she won’t get a kiss from Suruga as Rouka’s soul finally rest in peace.

But that’s about it for Hanamonogatari! I like how SHAFT and NisiOisiN made another arc dedicated to Suruga Kanbaru as she wasn’t present during the 2013 TV series (or so I thought). And also, the fact that Suruga managed to pacify Rouka’s soul without Kaiki and Araragi-kun was a great achievement from her!

Speaking of Araragi-kun, he’s here to check on his kouhai…

…all while Kanbaru being naked at all! No comment for her nudist lifestyle. Well then, let’s hope that SHAFT will adapt Monogatari Series Final Season (plus the Kizumonogatari film adaptation).

P.S.: Looks like Koyomi-sempai got a Volkswagen Beetle as a gift. Lucky guy!

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