Little Busters! EX Episode #07

Oh hi, Haruka Saegusa! I know that your arc has been covered before, but I’m here to talk about your sister…

That’s right, I’m talking about Kanata Futaki’s story arc. I have to say, she’s so haughty as ever!

Anyways, Kyousuke asked Riki to help Kanata in exchange of saving the baseball club from disbandment.

Sure that Riki is doing his best for the club by pleasing the student council president, but c’mon… Kanata Futaki isn’t easy to defrost due to her family being assholes, and her wounds still lingers thanks to them!

Hell, she even keep her distance away from Riki even outside the school campus. Gee Kanata, don’t make him feel awkward with your uptightness!

At this point, I feel that I’m about to throw the towel at her arc…

…until this happens where Kanata evacuate the students and put out the fire. Sure that it’s the right thing to do as the student council president, but did the students praise her for this heroic act?

Nooo~! All she got was “Oh, this is so disgusting!” and the like!

Way to go students, you give President Kanata Futaki some good ol’ contempt! Nothing like giving her nothing but shitty remarks after saving the school from incineration!

And now she’s barfing… Yay for douchebaggery!

I have to admit, while Kanata’s family tortures her to become the best of the best, what I saw at the end of this episode that most people are apathetic and downright cruel!

Anyway, I’ll be watching the last episode in the near future… Damn, Kanata needs some serious intervention from Riki!

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