Aldnoah.Zero Episode #09

This is Saazbaum, and apart from eating like a noble, he’s telling to the viewers and Slaine that he orchestrated the assassination that triggered the war.

And he’s doing it for revenge against the royal family ’cause he lost his fiance, all while being jealous that Terrans have advanced culture and resources. Yeah… I can dig to that, but no!

Hell, even Slaine won’t buy that! Also, dining knives are ineffective at stabbing.

On the other hand, Saazbaum was saved by Slaine’s father during Heaven’s Fall. Hence, Saazbaum saved Slaine from the clutches of Crutheo, but then again I don’t buy his motive!

Meanwhile, shocking development as Rayet just strangled Princess Asseylum to death which puts the Yamato-esque battleship Deucalion crashing down in the middle of nowhere.

And she did it to avenge her father’s death, which she still having that despite Trillram already been killed. You know what, I think you should need to see Dr. Yagarai to cure your PTSD. After all, he’s trying to snap Lt. Marito out of his bad experience during Heaven’s Fall!

Anyway, three episodes to go… and it’s getting worse day by day for the Terrans!

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