Captain Earth Episode #22

On this episode, the Midsummer Knights are now conducting Operation Summer after last week’s episode!

As for that four-eyed bastard from Salty Dog? He’s been arrested or so I heard!

Meanwhile, the Planetary Gears (or Kill-T Gang) are ready to go all-out! Then again, most of them are accustomed to their avatar form… Well, except for Amara!

Oh yeah, even though Pointer is out, there’s still the Ark Faction where they’re relentless on stopping those meddling kids!

Yeah, they’re go as far as sending an Impacter that’s twice as big as the Tenkaidou, just to capture Blume for their useless plan of human preservation. Sorry Ark Faction, but who’s going to wake them up when Earth and you are gone?

Oh yeah, and as for the Midsummer Knights… They can’t stop moving as the Blume is going to crash at the Gram Engine! There’s nothing they can do but watch it unfolds. Unfortunately, they won’t be watching that!

Instead, BONES pulled a Gainax ending for this episode. It’s not the end of this series, but damn why did they pull this!?

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