Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #22

It’s Tatsuya bringing his sister for a ride, that’s all! It’s not like he’s handing over the Magatama Relic to his pals at Taurus Silver.

On the other hand, handing over the relic to someone vulnerable would bite him… unless he’s exerting his badass OP-ness!

Meanwhile, Tatsuya and his gang captured another spy named Isao Sekimoto, who thought that he could knock the irregular out with sleeping gas. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so Sekimoto got detained.

This prompts Lu Gonghu to eliminate Sekimoto, which is then stopped by Mari Watanabe and Mayumi Saegusa. Well, that makes three conspirators captured.

Okay, make it two as Zhou Gongjin put Chiaki Hirakawa in a trance, forgetting all about her work as an industrial spy for the Great Asian Alliance.

Sorry Lu Gonghu (if you ever get out alive), but it’s useless to eliminate Chiaki at this point.

Well, I’m going to end this episode with Miyuki almost kissing her “Onii-sama!” Yeah, so close for that incest event…

And look, she’s loving it! That’s Miyuki for you!

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