Sword Art Online II Episode #09

Oh shit, seems that Death Gun can dodge that shot from Sinon! Sorry Kirito, but your plan has been backfired.

And there goes Pale Rider, another casualty made by Death Gun ’cause being “dead” in-game won’t cut it. He wants you “disconnected” in both virtual and real-life!

Yup, even Kirito’s harem friends are perplexed, yet shocked at the same time. It’s even more shocking that Death Gun is once a Laughing Coffin member as Klein pointed out to them.

Well then, seems that Asuna is pretty much worried about Kirito…

For now, the battle rages on as Kirito and Sinon decided to work together and stop Death Gun. Afterwards, they fight ’cause Sinon wants to shot his ass up!

Unfortunately, seems that her rematch won’t happen…

…when Death Gun is about to kill her. Hurry Kirito, save Sinon before it gets worse! The suspense is killing me!

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